Felix Berghäll started at the age of nine and with Bugg and one year later he took his first basic six count step in Boogie Woogie. After a trip to Herrang Dance Camp in 2009 he moved into Lindy Hop as well and he has never stopped dancing or competing since.


Felix sees swing dancing as a way to bring people together and bring happiness into their life. Because when he dances that is all he can think about and express. Pure happiness.

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Marie N'Diaye has been dancing almost as long as she has been walking, but she fell in love with Lindy Hop and other vernacular jazz dances in 2006. Since then Marie has been fortunate to work and dance with the fantastic teachers of the Cat's Corner Studio in Montreal and is now based in Stockholm where she teaches at the Chicago Swing Dance Studio.


Her international career has taken her around the globe and in her classes she combines modern knowledge and authentic style with a good measure of fun!  

       Watch Marie Dance!