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Welcome to Minneapolis and St. Paul!  We are pretty fond of our twin cities as well as the great dance scene we work to foster in the area.  Insofar as we can, we do our best to find hosts for out-of-town guests who'd like a more convenient place to stay and a better way to get to know our community.  Here are some important things to know if you request housing through the Uptown Swingout Housing Coordinator:


  • Housing is not guaranteed, but we will make our best effort to find hosts for you

  • You can expect us to communicate the status of housing in time for you to make reasonable alternate plans should housing be unavailable.

  • Nearby hotels will be listed and you should consider placing refundable reservations if housing may be unavailable.

  • Housing will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis

  • You're responsible for providing requested information in a timely manner, or else finding a host for you may be delayed

  • You can expect a place to sleep and a place to shower.  Everything beyond that is either your responsibility or must be negotiated with your host.

  • Regarding transportation, if you request transportation and a host is available who can provide transport, schedules should be discussed but be courteous and defer to your host's needs.


The Uptown Swingout is a great time to welcome dancers from out of town.  We couldn't have an event without you so if you're eager to be more involved and are willing to share your home (whether you can spare a bed, a sofa, or some floor space) with fellow dancers, we'd love to have you host for us!


  • Consider the capacity of your shower/bathroom when listing available slots.

  • Beds and rooms are great, but sofas and floor space are also needed - just tell us what you have.

  • Decide ahead of time what you're prepared to provide for guests or are willing to discuss (ex: towels, pillows, bedding) and communicate this information to your guest once you've been matched.

  • You're not expected to provide transportation for guests if you do not offer that as an option.  However, you know where you live so providing basic transportation information is encouraged.

  • If you choose to provide transportation, you ultimately set the schedule, but for out of town guests try to plan enough time at the events so they can get value out of their trip.

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