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Frida Bio

Frida Segerdahl started dancing at the tender age of 5. When she was 15 she attended Herrang Dance Camp and fell in love with Lindy Hop. In no time, she was asked to join the world's foremost jazz dance company, the Rhythm Hot Shots. She has performed and taught all over of the world. Besides her amazing skills in Charleston, Lindy Hop and Jazz Dance, Frida now runs the famous Lindy Hop dance camp that she first attended back when she was 15, The Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden.

Watch Frida & Skye dance!

Sylvia Bio

Sylvia Sykes began dancing in 1966, competing in 1970, and teaching in 1979.


She has studied with many of the dance greats, including Frankie Manning, Dean Collins, Maxie Dorf, and Willie Desatoff. Her extensive studies and travels have made her an expert on regional dance styles and she is credited with helping to preserve the Balboa by introducing the dance World Wide.

Watch Sylvia & Skye dance!

Skye Bio

Skye’s Mom got him dancing when he was only 12 and before long he was performing, competing and teaching while still in his teens.


As a competitor, he has taken first place in the American Lindy Hop Championships, the U.S. Open, the World Lindy Hop Championships, and the International Lindy Hop Championships.

Naomi Bio

Watch Skye & Naomi dance!


Naomi Uyama discovered lindy hop in her hometown of Washington DC during the late nineties. Over the past decade she has taught workshops all around the world and performed for dance and music legends alike. She has won the champion title at such prestigious competitions as the ALHC, the ULHS, and the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships.

Peter Bio

Watch Naomi & Peter dance!


Since his start in 1998 Peter has taught at dance camps from Australia to South Korea to Herrang, Sweden. In addition to teaching he brings with him his skills as a sought after DJ and experienced Master of Ceremonies. He is currently a member of the renowned team the Silver Shadows and the founder of Uptown Swing in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Gustav & Laia

       Watch Peter & Naomi Dance!


Gustav & Laia, originally from Sweden and Spain are full time dancers and teachers in Barcelona. Their teaching is focused on rhythm and flow and they are constantly working to improve his movement by practising Solo Jazz movement as well as Lindy Hop. They like to perform and compete and have been successful at events such as ILHC, ESDC, Lindy Shock and The Snowball. They recently they won the advanced Strictly division at ILHC 2016.

Watch Gustav & Laia dance!

Watch Gustav & Laia dance!

Peter & Elze

Elze and Peter are maybe just the right amount of crazy you’ve been looking for. She comes from Lithuania, while he comes from Los Angeles and together, they have this Euro-American style all about fun and connectedness. Their musicality, playfulness, and creativity are not just parts of their light-hearted personalities as dancers, but also as instructors.  Their energy is contagious and their class material is stimulating.

Watch Peter & Elze dance!

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