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Sugar was a member of the Original Jazz Dancers, a distinguished group of Lindy Hoppers and Hoofers from Harlem's heyday.

Sugar has been featured with the Harlem Blues & Jazz Band, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and the Savoy Sultans.

Sugar learned to dance at home and started Tap dancing at age 3 and was instructed in Tap by Buster Brown of the Copasetics at age 7. Sugar toured the United States and Canada for fifteen years with Sonny Allen and the Rockets.



Barbara Billups was Sonny Allen's partner after he won the Lindy Championship at New York's Harvest Moon Ball in 1958.

Together with Sugar Sullivan, Barbara was one of the four young ladies of "Sonny Allen and The Rockets" fame. 


The Rockets, a song & dance revue, grew out of the dancing at New York's Savoy Ballroom.  They traveled across The United States and Canada, entertaining packed audiences in hotels and nightclubs everywhere.

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On Saturday & Sunday afternoon, Sugar and Barbara will be sharing stories of their memories and experiences as dancers both on the road and at home in Harlem, including at the legendary Savoy Ballroom.

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