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Once again we will take the party outside after classes on Sunday and get down with the good folks from Gotta Dance soul line dancers. It was a highlight of the weekend last year and we expect it to be amazing once again.

You are welcome to bring food for yourself or to share and rest assured, we will have a ton of pizza provided by yours truly. While we are all hanging and eating and generally enjoying ourselves we will be joined by our local "Lady of Line Dance", Ms. Tina Jackson of Gotta Dance soul line dancing.

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Tina a great teacher and she knows a ton of fun, simple soul line dances to get you movin' and groovin'. Naomi and I always go to her classes when we can find the time (and we are in town) and we always have a blast and we are so excited to bring her in on this!

This event is free and open to the public so bring your friends and since we'll be outside in an unsupervised space, don't be careless with your belongings.

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Line Dance Picnic Party in 2018...

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