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Once again, joining us this year will be the incomparable duo of Sugan Sullivan & Barbara Billups.

They will give 1 culture session each day AND they'll have their eyes on you at the night dances - good reason to keep it swinging!

Sugar & Barbara


It was our honor to host the Queen of Swing herself Ms. Norma Miller at our event before her passing.

She shared stories of her time with Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, ALL the great figures in jazz & comedy, & even taught a special class. Thank you Norma!

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Special Guest
2017 & 2018

Norma Miller


Special Guest

Dawn Hampton

Miss Dawn Hampton, "The Lady" as she was known, joined us at the Uptown Swingout not long before she passed away. Having known and loved her for many years we were so happy to have the opportunity to introduce newer dancers to the joy that is being in Dawn's presence. She gave an amazing talk and as always, the light was on. Thank you for everything Dawn!

In 2018 along with Norma Miller we were able to welcome the great Chazz Young, son of Frankie Manning and Lindy Hopper and tap dancers extraordinaire in his own right. His energy & dancing is always a delight - thank you Chazz!

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Special Guest

Chazz Young

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