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Anyone who would like to try out for the Advanced or Masters level must audition at 10:00am on Saturday morning.

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* 2-6 months (Equivalent to Level 2 at Uptown Swing) *
You are a new, but not brand-new dancer. You are familiar with 6-count and 8-count basics. Students in this level must have completed Level 1 at Uptown Swing prior to the event (or an equivalent beginner course). 
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* likely 6 months to a year experience (Equivalent to Level 3 at Uptown Swing) *
You are getting comfortable with the basics and are working on putting moves together and going out social dancing. You will work on and refine your core skills, and introduce some new vocabulary to help you feel more comfortable dancing Lindy Hop socially.
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* likely several years (Equivalent to Level 4 at Uptown Swing) *
You’ve probably been dancing Lindy Hop for a couple years, taking lots of classes and/or traveling to workshops and camps. You are into learning not only new vocaulary but also refining your basics, getting more musical, and improving your lead and follow

connection. If you’ve been dancing for a year or less and/or you are still getting comfortable with Swing Outs, Circles, and basic Charleston please sign up for Intermediate.

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* over 4 years (Equivalent to Level 5 at Uptown Swing & higher) *
You’ve probably been dancing Lindy Hop for several years, and you travel to several workshops and camps each year. You are committed and enthusiastic about your dancing, and look forward to really working on the quality of your basic movement and your musicality, as well as lead and follow connection at a more refined level. You've probably done ok in some competitions around town and you may even teach a bit in your scene.
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* over 8 years (this is likely not you) *
You’ve probably been dancing Lindy Hop for a long time now, and you likely travel and teach around a decent bit. This track will be a small group of dancers who are ready for a big challenge. We hope that this level can be the food that some of our more advanced dancers need - a venue to work on yourself for once and get that fire in your belly for this dance we love!

These guidelines are designed to help you choose the right level for yourself but we understand that many people will not fit precisely into these descriptions and we encourage you to contact us if you have any question about your level for this workshop. We will move people to the correct levels if we believe they have placed themselves incorrectly.

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