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Friday night 6:30 - 8:30pm. Choose one for $30.


Int/Adv Balboa


Add one of these classes to your booking when you register for the event.

Skye & Frida’s partnership and electric dancing are second to none. Start your weekend out with a challenging original routine that combines partnering and solo jazz, in their special style. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to perform with them the next night at the event!

Advanced level. No partner required.

Lindy Routine with
Skye & Frida


Balboa Technique with
Sylvia & Jacob

Come refine your Balboa from two of our favorite dancers! Sylvia learned balboa directly from the original creators of the dance, and is a wealth of knowledge to the modern balboa world. Jacob is one of the top Balboa dancers in the modern scene and his fluid style is one of a kind. Get some tips, perspective, and technique from these amazing dancers!

​Must be Int/Adv level or above at Balboa

Ramona Staffeld is one of the top solo jazz dancers in the world today. This workshop will be one of few times she will be teaching solo jazz in the US this year. Come learn an original routine crafted by her, and work on improving your musicality and style. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to perform with her the next night at the event!

Intermediate/Advanced level


Solo Jazz Routine
with Ramona

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